Real Estate Dispositions

As our portfolio cycle matures, we often come across, or even look for, a property that no longer fits the exact "buy and hold" specifications for our operations. In this circumstance we may offer several purchasing scenarios to a new buyer that could be of appeal to them, as well as provide a solid investment return to us.

Once we have a property like this identified, we will perform any basic repair work that may be needed, including but not limited too paint and landscaping, to enhance the appreciative value of the property. If the property is income producing, we will perform a thorough underwrite of the asset (including lease review) to ensure that our end buyer has room to raise rents, justified by the improvements that we have done, thus increasing NOI and the buyers capitalization rate.

Buyers We Work With

We have a large list of buyers all over the United States but are always looking for experienced end buyers (preferably ones looking to hold the property) to add to our list. Our real estate dispositions team actively searches houses for sale within our holdings to accommodate them as part of our overall real estate services.

For our one off single family asset dispositions, we prefer all cash buyers who are liquid enough to close in under 30 days but will of course work with anyone who has the desire and ability to obtain financing for a purchase. For our larger dispositions of "micro portfolio" assets we can be as flexible as reasonably needed to ensure the successful close of the deal. In these situations we will work closely with all third parties (title, escrow, appraisers etc.) to tailor the closing to accommodate the buyers and their capital partner timelines.

Also, if your desire to become a property owner is strong but your financial or credit position is not, we have customized in house options including rent to own and other lease purchase terms available.

If you would like to become one of our preferred buyers, at any level, or just simply want to see what is available to you, please click the "I am Interested" button below and someone will reply quickly to see how we may be of service to you.