Property Maintenance Services

Single Family

Many homeowners who need to move for work or family have a limited time span in which they have to sell their home. Sometimes the home does not sell before the new job starts and this causes a lot of stress on homeowners. Sometimes you just love your home so much, you want to hang on to it rather than sell when circumstances change, that is when renting is the perfect option. Single family homes are very desirable rental properties. If you are thinking of renting out your home as an investment or just for a short time until you come back, call us. Through various equitable interest assignment structures we can help you maintain your real estate investment by handling: 

•Lease, Purchase and Residency Agreement structuring

•Maintenance calls

•Off listing marketing of your property


Multi-family assets can be a great investment, whether you decide to rent out all of the units in the building or live in one and rent the rest, our real estate services can help you handle all aspects of being a property owner. One thing to consider if you are either living in the property while renting OR are an out of state inventor/owner is, do you want to handle the sticky issues that may arise with a late night leaky toilet or tenant that does not take care of the unit like you would? This is when having an on call property maintenance company makes things easy. We will take those uncomfortable calls for you. 

Consulting services we can provide you are:

•Management Contract, Master Lease Management, Sub Lease and Residency Agreement Structuring

•On call maintenance

•Off listing marketing of your property


Whether you are thinking about renting out your property OR already own income producing properties but are looking for an affordable alternative to hands on management and maintenance, give us a call NOW! We can offer many valuable tips and services to alleviate the hassles of being a landlord. With us, you can just sit back and collect your hard earned proceeds every month while we handle the headaches for you. Call 877-644-5197 or simply click the button below and leave your contact  information. Someone will reply within 24hrs to see how we can be of assistance to you.

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